Heavy Auto Turret x3

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  • Each Stack contain 3 Heavy Auto Turret !

  • Fast and Secure delivery (read Description)

13 in stock

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  • “How i receive my order ?”              


– All delivery of any items of the website can be done in 2 different way :

  1. Obelisk delivery, we can arange a meet point for meet each other face to face at an obelisk (red/green/blue)
  2. You can build up a storage box / vault at your base or wherever you want, make a pin code and after your order made, you send us info about location of your storage box / vault + pin code number and we will put your order inside of it at ANY TIME ! That way of deliver is much appreciate by many customers, no need to be online for received your order !


  • “How many time before receive my order ?”


– Delivery time can be 1 hour after order made at maximum of 24 hours !


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